AHOJ! is not only my traditional greeting, but also the name made up of four words – Artistic Harmonious Oriental Journey = AHOJ! It expresses my love for art, harmony and oriental dance, a relationship with the journey I have embarked on and one I would love to take you on!

Why does membership arise? Simply because I want to stay in touch with you and with the arrival of another baby it is not possible for me to conduct regular classes in person at the moment. I will create creative and inspiring content for you, both serious and non-serious. Just the way you know me, dickheads and all… 😀

The dance content is divided into dance circuits and themes, which can be sorted for better orientation. We will focus not only on oriental dance, but also on the basics of ballet, the principles of modern dance, port de bras, in short, anything that can improve your technique, confidence, develop dance skills and stir emotions and expression.

I would like to create a lively and interactive membership, i.e. topics can arise spontaneously, as needed and in relation to different dance stimuli. You can enjoy original and creative work that you won’t find anywhere else!

Read more about membership below.

I’m already looking forward to what I’ll be creating for us!

Join me on an interactive journey with oriental dance, full of creativity and music. Become part of the AHOJ! family and be AHOJsome!

We will create art and the mainstream. 🙂 We will have fun and deep emotions. You can look forward to thematic videos focusing on dance technique, practice, combinations, variations and various other fun things, and be the first to hear about new planned projects and challenges!

Membership gives you access to unique content you won’t see anywhere else.



I created this project during the pandemic to increase the positive mood of dancers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I realize that none of us want to go back to that time, but this video is proof that dancing is possible in all times and situations. I cut the whole project, it was a massacre, but it was worth it! It makes me happy when I can motivate the dancers and get them off the couch. 🙂 I look forward to seeing what else I create for you as part of our AHOJ! membership!



Why did I set three prices for you, three membership levels? Because membership is available globally and each country’s economic situation is different. So what level of membership should you choose? Simply this, that fits your financial means. I would be grateful if you would consider it and make a fair decision. I trust you, and I look forward to dancing with you.



12 falafels per month




  • (cannot be paid in kind)

  • unlimited access

  • private group



15 falafels per month




  • (cannot be paid in kind)

  • unlimited access

  • private group



23 falafels per month




  • (cannot be paid in kind)

  • unlimited access

  • private group

  • bonus benefits


Co je to AHOJ! členství?

Online dance club. Interactive membership for all dancers who love oriental dance. Of course, I also have sympathy for dancers who just want to watch the dance content in silence. 🙂

Kolik stojí ahoj! členství?

Fairly choose a membership according to your financial possibilities. You can pay 370 CZK per month (falafel princess), 490 CZK per month (falafel queen) or 740 CZK per month (falafel diva). Falafel divas also get special bonus benefits in the form of discounts and other surprises. All three levels of membership give you access to the same dance video content.

Na jak dlouho získám přístup k videím?

As long as you’re a full member. You get unlimited access to the videos upon proper monthly payment. The payment will be debited from your account.

Na kolik nových videí měsíčně se můžu těšit?

Every month you can enjoy at least three new videos and watch all the videos from the dance library in AHOJ! membership.

Pro jakou pokročilost je AHOJ! členství určené?

For all levels. From beginners to advanced. Lecturers who crave inspiration.

Jak můžu videa sledovat?

Once you have registered and paid your membership, you will have access to the members‘ section.

Kde probíhá komunikace?

K AHOJ! Membership is an affiliated FB group that we will use to communicate. However, it is possible that in the future communication will also take place on this website, it is a question of development. You will only see the dance videos in the members section of this website. If you don’t have FB, don’t hang your head, you will see all the videos, important information and planned events in the members section.

V jakém jazyce je vedena výuka?

In Czech and English.

Můžu platit v naturáliích?

No. We only accept petty cash, not falafels or other in-kind items. 🙂

Nemůžeš najít odpověď na svou otázku?


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